Shift Emotions In the Moment Audio Practice

  • Balance: Take Back Control of Your Emotions
  • Clarity: Understand What is Triggering You
  • Healing: Healing the Past & Reduce the Emotional Charge
"This FREE download is the exact process I use to guide me to a place of inner calmess and emotinoal peace. It will teach you a powerful process to connect within and allow yourself to let go the the emotional charge around common triggers or anxiety driven responses. 
Understanding what is causing you to be emotionally reactive is a HUGE step towrads healing and achieving emotional balance. 
Getting off the emotional & hormonal rollercoaster doesn't have to be as hard as you think and this download will show you why."

- Kristie Hayden, aka SoulMamma
Co-Founder & Head Coach @AwakenDivineFeminine
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